Siege warfare in 12th century England and Normandy

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The Anarchy

Ager Sanguinis

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The Game

THE ANARCHY is the name given to the civil war over the succession to the throne of Henry I Beauclerc, King of England and Duke of Normandy, from 1135 to 1154. This war opposed Stephen of Blois and the Empress Matilda, wife of Geoffrey Plantagenet. Numerous castle sieges took place during this period, so this will be the perfect opportunity to update all the siege rules of the various games of the series. The tactical game includes various siege engines like a new, bigger battering ram, more realistic than the one that was included with SIEGE.

THE ANARCHY is an extension to GUISCARD, DIEX AÏE or AGER SANGUINIS and needs the rules of one of these two games (available as a free download from this site) to be played.

Box Contents:

> (3) full-color tactical maps, giving a possibility of
   many different terrains;
> (3) sheets of overlays with siege engines, hoarding   
   and scaffolding;
> (1) full-color campaign map;
> (3) sheets of tactical & campaign counters printed in full color and on thick cardboard;
> (1) 36-page rule booklet;
> (1) 36-page booklet including the historical
   background, a guide to the playing pieces and both
   tactical and campaign scenarios;
(8) play sheets for handy reference;
> (1) 10-sided die;
> and ... an optional counter tray.

The Characters

The various types of characters are displayed through counters using the Outremer/Croisades format. A 3-letter marking system enables easy differentiation of the various playing pieces on the maps. 
Counters are available on 3 A4 sheets (21cm x 29.7cm, or 8.3 inches x 11.7 inches):
> A4 countersheet 1 (Front - Back) - New version: February 25, 2018
A4 countersheet 2 (Front - Back) - New version: February 25, 2018
A4 countersheet 3 (Front - Back) - New version: February 25, 2018

Note: Click on the counters below to see the various stances of each character (wounded, on foot, stun or dead).

The Anglo-Normans

12th Century Knight 5 

> Knights 1

> Knights 2

> Knights 3

> Knights 4

> Knights 5

> Mounted Sergeants


> Light infantry 1

> Light infantry 2

> Javelins



> Baroness

> Lady-in-waiting




The Welsh


> Medium

> Longbows

> Javelins

> Light Infantry


The Flemings

Flemish infantry    

> Light Infantry 1

> Light Infantry 2

> Light Infantry 3

> Crossbows


The Peasants


> Staff slingers

> Slingers

> Peasants 1

> Peasants 2

> Peasants 3

> Builders


> Engineers

> Monk 1

> Monk 2


The Siege Engines


> Mangonel

> Ballista

> Mantlet

> Ladders

> Oxen


The Markers

Mine Mine Fascine rubble oil bucket Rock Stockpile

> Mine

> Gate

> Filled Moat

> Rubble

> Oil Bucket

> Rock Stockpile

Pont Burnt Structure Fire      

> Bridge

> Burnt Structure

> Fire


  The Tactical Maps

The game includes 3 maps: The Norman Keep, The Priory and The Creek.

> The Norman Keep

 > A2
 (60cm x 40cm)

> The Priory

 > A2
 (60cm x 40cm)

The Creek
> The Creek

 > A2
 (60cm x 40cm)
  The Overlays

The game includes 3 overlays, with scaffolding, hoarding compatible with the Norman Keep, a belfry, a battering ram and a gallery for mining.

> The Battering Ram

> A4
 (21cm x 30cm)

The Gallery

> A4
 (21cm x 30cm)

> Hoarding

> A4
 (21cm x 30cm)

> Scaffolding

> A4
 (21cm x 30cm)

  Campaign Counters

The campaign counters represent the factions at war: the followers of Stephen of Blois, of the Empress Matilda, the Angevins of Geoffrey Plantagenet, the Normans, and their Welsh and Flemish mercenary allies.
Angevin Knight Royalist Knight Groupe royaliste Cavalerie royaliste Groupe de siège Convoi

> Angevin

> Royalist

> Angevin
   Combat Group

> Royalist
   Cavalry Group

> Royalist
   Siege Group

> Convoy

Groupe de combat gallois Groupe de cavalerie gallois Groupe de combat flamand Château Tour royaliste Motte castrale angevine

> Welsh
   Combat Group

> Welsh
   Cavalry Group

> Flemish
   Combat Group

> Royal

> Angevin

> Angevin Motte
   & Bailey Castle

  The Campaign Map

The campaign map depicts a portion of south-western England, at a scale of 5 km for one hex. This map uses hexes which are the same size as those of the tactical maps.
Campaign Map  > A2
 (60cm x 40cm)

The Rules

The tactical rules of THE ANARCHY only address siege warfare. The Campaign game uses the rules of DIEX AÏE, intended to generate battles which are resolved on the tactical maps.
Rulebook PDF
> Rulebook v1.0 - 1,079 Kb
Play sheets - Tactical game
> Terrain Sheet - 519 Kb
> Fire and Combat Sheet - 632 Kb
> Siege Sheet - 606 kB
> Siege Record Sheet (Priory) - 606 kB
> Siege Record Sheet (Norman Keep) - 606 kB
Play sheets - Campaign game
> Terrain Sheet & Tables - 619 Kb
> Campaign game Worksheet - 352 Kb
> Headcount Worksheet - 518 Kb
Historical Background & Scenarios PDF
> History & Scenarios - 968 Kb
Despite numerous proofreads, a few mistakes, typos or need for clarification was discovered by the first players or our translators like Lutz Pietschker.
> Erratum v1 - 45 Kb - January 24, 2016
Scenario Balancing Utility:
This Excel tool will help you build balanced scenarios using the Purchase Table included in the Scenario booklet. All the characteristics of the various THE ANARCHY characters are also included in various tabs.
ZIP (Excel)
> Scenario Balancing Utility - 38 Kb

Vassal (on-line game)

This campaign module lets you play with the convenience of being able to stop and resume
the game at any time, hence getting rid of the hassle to keep the boardgame deployed on a table for an extended time between two tactical games. Counter and settlement management is also vastly simplified as a simple right-click let you access all the parameters and edit them at any time during the game. Default values for the settlements are already preset for faster setup time.

To play this module, you must first download and install the Java software as well as the Vassal engine.
  > The Anarchy Campaign Module v1.0 - 3.3 Mb
   Jan 26, 2016