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Create Your Own Scenario


You can now use my template to create your own scenario (and I will proudly post them on this site). This scenario toolbox is made of 4 components:

A Word template;

An Excel spreadsheet with the combat and movement values of each character of the medieval series (including Dark Blade/Dragon Noir and Samurai);
v3.0 includes the purchase price of each counter according to the Croisades table and a special worksheet to automatically balance your scenarios by picking the characters you want.

Counter tables for each game of the medieval series. Layout is identical to what I use in the scenarios. You just need to copy the 2 adjacent cells of any given character class you want to use and paste them in the table of your scenario. Then, simply delete the names of the characters you don't need;

A thumbnail for each map used in the CRY HAVOC series (including the latest Saxon Harbor and its variants). I recommend to use a graphics software to rotate and assemble the various maps according to your scenario settings, to save and then insert them as one single image in your Word document. To keep the text on the side of the maps, double-click on the image, go to the Layout tab and make sure both Square and Left are selected).

Word/Excel/GIF (zip) -
    Oct 6, 2010
    - Scenario toolbox 3.0 (3.2 Mb)

Board Creation Contest


Victor Drakkar has suggested the following contest to create more boards:
To give a run to your creative skills, please use the following cut-out elements to draw your own board using a smaller scale (500-pixel wide. Once designed, I will be happy to post them on this site for everybody to enjoy. Then, the best maps will be redrawn at the correct scale by the specialists in the group for future use. 

All graphics are GIF files. Boards can be assembled with MS Word, PowerPoint or any other graphic design software.

A few rules
> The goal is to use these boards with the various counters of the Cry Havoc series. Scenarios will have to be designed along with them;
> Compatibility with the highest number of other boards is highly recommended ;
> The file size should not exceed 500 Kb for easier sharing. 

The tool boxes
All existing boards in the series have been put to scale (500-pixel wide). This seems to be the best compromise between readability and file size. The Elements tool box includes most terrain, trees, rocks, buildings, fortified walls and towers used in the various boards. Just insert them on an existing board to create your own board.

You can view your first boards here.

GIF (zip)
    - Boards v1.0 - 5.2 Mb -
       Jan 23, 2005
    - Elements v2.0 - 0.4 Mb -
      Jan 23,2005
    - Underground v1.0 - 1.1 Mb -
      Jan 23, 2005

Example of a board created by
Victor Drakkar