On Deadly Ground / Test Of Faith

Playing On Line



Conlan Rios (from Palo Alto, California) had created 2 computer games, one based on Samurai Blades (On Deadly Ground), the other one on Cry Havoc (Test Of Faith). Unlike CyberBoard or Vassal, it is no PBEM or On-Line boardgaming like the others, but a true computer game, where movements, missile fire and combats are solved by the computer. No tables or rule booklet are needed anymore to play!

2 players could play on the same computer, or you play against a computer opponent, or watch two computer opponents fighting.

This game is no longer available as the site which hosted no longer exists.



Samurai Blades: On Deadly Ground

Use over 60 different units including ninjas, monks, samurai and more. Map Editor mode allows for almost unlimited gameplay. Create, save, and load your own scenarios. Includes 4 editable scenarios.


Cry Havoc: Test Of Faith

Use 38 different units including Crossbowmen, Squires, Knights, Halberdiers and more. A scenario editor allows you to create, save, and load your own scenarios. Play against the computer, against a friend via hot seat, or even over the internet! Includes map: The Crossroads.

5 Map Packs are available separately