VASSAL (Module 3.1)

Playing On Line



VASSAL is a game engine that Rodney Kinney created initially for Advanced Squad Leader (or Virtual Advanced Squad Leader, VASL), hence the name of the engine which fits in beautifully for our medieval-time skirmish game. Vassal includes all the features of a PBEM engine like CyberBoard. In addition, it lets you play on line in real time, which is a definite plus for gameplay.
Martin Moser (from Germany) created a high quality Cry Havoc module back in 2004 (version 1). It didn't cover all the available extensions due to the extensive work required to reformat each map.
In the meantime, another community player (Scorion) worked on a version 2 and included most of the material available at that time. This version was not very well polished and lacked a lot of English translations, which is why I banned it from this section of Cry Havoc Fan.

In 2009 col_klink, another player, created another module which combined the quality of the version 1 and the exhaustiveness of the version 2. I just spent the last 2 months helping him polishing and refining his module to move from Good to Great (hopefully!). 

New features include: 
> Charge & counter-charge management,
> Missile fire management (arrows in the quiver will decrement automatically each time you fire),
> Addition of sounds for movement, fire and combat: Check it!

Preview Cry Havoc - GIF - 439 Kb
Preview Siege management - GIF - 113 Kb
Preview Interface layout- GIF - 170 Kb

Game Engine


Vassal is a Java applet and is compatible with any platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.).

You must first download the Vassal engine from Rodney Kinney's official website (free).

Vassal website

Base Module


Cry Havoc base module includes all counters and maps (The Crossroads/The Village) or the original Cry Havoc game, plus the Forest map, as well as the counters from the Basileus extension (including the Norman knights) and markers from the Montjoie set of rules. ZIP
    > Base Module (Eng) - 12.1 Mb
       v3.1 - Sep 15, 2011
The user manual details engine usage principles as well as the way to set up an on line connection. PDF
    > Manual (Eng)
       v3.1 - Sep 15, 2011



Extensions include additional maps and counters, as well as combat tables. There is a total of 24 extensions that are grouped in the Zip file below (except the tables). They must all be installed in the  "ext" folder created with the base module.


All terrain, fire and combat tables to play. This last version is "Magna Carta-friendly", with all the tables for the various extensions available in Cry Havoc Fan and all the ships.

Tables (Eng)
       v3.1 - Sept 15, 2011 - 969 Kb


This extension includes all counters and maps of the SIEGE game, as well as the large siege tower, various siege tactical markers from MONTJOIE (hoardings, mines, ...), a deployment map for the off-map elements of the siege tower and a Siege Record Sheet.

    > Cry Havoc Extensions - 148 Mb
       v3.1 - Sep 10, 2011

Croisades (Outremer)

The entire tactical contents of Croisades (Outremer), as well as the camel counters and maps of the Caravanserai extension and the Hill map of Basileus. 5 maps and over 150 new characters to play!


The Templars' Castle

This extension includes both maps that form the Templars' Castle, as well as a record sheet. Having the Siege extension is highly recommended to make the most of this extension.


The Medieval Fortified Town

This extension includes the 4 maps that form the medieval town, as well as a record sheet. Having the Siege extension is highly recommended to make the most of this extension.



This extension is made of 2 parts: one with all the counters, ships and both promontory maps as overlays (under the Misc tab). The other one includes the Watchtower, Abbey, Sea maps as well as combinations of sea and promontory maps to play all the official scenarios.


Map Pack 1

This extension includes 4 maps published in France after the release of Vikings (The Open Field, The Ford, The Coast 1 & 2) as well as the Shingle Bay, published with Viking Raiders.


Dragon Noir 1

This extension includes both surface maps "The Arena" & "The Watermill" as well as magic terrain, 2 underground maps, all counters and the mighty dragon (please note that counters use the Dragon Noir names, that may differ from the Dark Blades one). Blank maps have been added to assemble various maps on several rows without being justified left.


Dragon Noir 2

This extension complements the above, with 6 additional underground maps and the various spider-like Krobs counters.


The Saxon Harbor

This extension includes the 4 maps of the harbor, all associated counters and markers, as well as a deployment map for sieges.


Samurai Blade

This extension includes all maps and counters included in the original game, as well as a few bonus samurai and teppo (arquebusiers) counters created by Foulque.


The Ships

This extension includes all the ships of Nefs & Galleys as well as a deployment map.


Castell Arybrynwrthymτr (The Welsh Castle)

This extension includes the castle map, miscellaneous markers, scaffoldings and the walls and towers under construction of the WELSH CASTLE extension. A record sheet for siege is also included.


The Crusader Harbor

This extension includes 4 full size maps to assemble the fortified harbor next to the medieval town (2 maps are actually an overlay of the town maps). When adding both remaining maps of the medieval town, you get the entire town and harbor.


Orlιans 1429

This extension includes both maps of Orleans, various 15th century counters and the bombard (with a nice firing sound!).


Horse Raiders

This extension includes both maps of the Fortified Village, the Fort of Mont-Briton with their deployment maps, as well as all counters and markers.



Beautiful wild animal counters, with associated sounds.


The Fortified Bridge

This extension includes the various bridge overlays initially created by Viktor Drakkar. Thy can be found in the Misc tab once installed.



Teutonic knights and Flag markers in the Misc tab once installed.


Map Pack 2

This extension includes "The Bastide" double map (by Eric Bertrand), "El Khaf Castle" (by Jo@rloc) and "The Outpost" (by Pierre Berclaz, edited by Eric Bertrand).



Includes 1D100 (for stats), 1D20, 1D12, 1D8 et 1D4.