Guided Tour Of The Fortified Village


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> The Keep

> The Walls

> The Aula

The tower is reached through a wooden staircase with an intermediate drawbridge. A turret has been built on top of the tower. The cistern at its bottom can be an important target to destroy by besiegers. Castles of the region were typically guarder by very few men-at-arms. For this reasons, crenellations were very long (typically 3 to 4 meters - 9 to 12 feet). Shooting holes are all protected by wooden mantlets. The Main Hall (also called Aula), like the other buildings of the castle were built against the walls. The Aula was topped by a turret facing the village.

> Castle Entrance

> One of the Village Fortified Gates

> The Mansion

The only access to the castle was through the village. The entrance was equipped with murder holes and mantlets. Stairs led to the inner bailey, were horsemen could not access. The village boasts 2 fortified gates, each of them being equipped with murder holes and mantlets. The mansion is built against the walls of the village to strengthen its defense. The gate of the mansion is protected by two turrets.

> Gardens

> Shops

> The Pond

Most houses had an attached garden. These ones, as well as the vineyard located outside the walls, are key targets when you want to weaken the wealth potential of your foe. 3 merchants live in the village. Apart from the cosmetic aspect (still in progress), the tactical importance of these shops is still under evaluation... This pond was filled with fish to serve 2 functions: provide a good source of food to the castle and enhance its defense on one of its sides.