The Normans in Southern Italy and Sicily in the 11th century

The Norman Saga

The Anarchy

Ager Sanguinis


The Game


GUISCARD simulates the epic conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily be the Normans, led by Robert Guiscard ("the cunning" or "the weasel"), in the eleventh century. The game will boast the various factions of the time as the Byzantines, the Arabs of Sicily, the Lombards and the Normans of course, who came as mere mercenaries in the middle of this mess of conflicting interests and who decided to seize power by arms.

GUISCARD is intended for those who want to play Cry Havoc but can no longer get an original box. Unlike other proposed extensions of Cry Havoc Fan, GUISCARD is a complete boxed game with counters, maps, rules, scenarios and playsheets.

Box Contents:

> 6 full-color maps, giving a possibility of many different terrains;
> 3 sheets of overlays to provide more terrain variety and add buildings;
2 sheets of playing pieces printed in full color;
> 1 48-page rule booklet;
> 1 36-page booklet including the historical background, a guide to the playing pieces and 14 scenarios;
3 play sheets for handy reference;
> 1 10-sided die.

Guiscard: Skirmish medieval game, from age 14 and up

The Characters

The 6 playable factions are displayed through counters using the Outremer/Croisades format. A 3-letter marking system will enable easy differentiation of the various playing pieces on the maps. 

Counters are available on 2 large-size sheets using the standard Cry Havoc form factor (approx. 30cm x 40cm):
> Byzantines, Normans & Slavs
> Arabs, Lombards & Germans

Note: Click on the counters below to see the various stances of each character (wounded, on foot, stun or dead).

The Normans

Roger de Hauteville, Norman count, 11th Century

Norman knight, 11th Century

Norman knight, 11th Century

Norman knight, 11th Century

Stone throwers, 11th Century Scaling ladder, 11th Century

> Counts

> Knights 1

> Knights 2

> Knights 3

> Stone Throwers

> Ladders

French medium infantry, 11th Century Norman medium infantry, 11th Century Norman javelinman, 11th Century

Norman archer, 11th Century


> Medium Infantry

> Medium Infantry

> Javelins

> Archers


The Byzantines

Byzantine cataphract, 11th Century Byzantine Koursor, 11th Century Byzantine horse archer, 11th Century Greek fire, 11th Century Byzantine pope, 11th Century  
> Kataphraktoi > Koursores > Horse Archers > Greek Fire

> Priest

Byzantine hoplite, 11th Century Byzantine skutatoi, 11th Century Byzantine peltastoi, 11th Century Byzantine archer, 11th Century Byzantine noble, 11th Century Byzantine lady, 11th Century
> Hoplite > Skutatoi > Peltastoi > Psiloi

> Noble

> Lady

The Arabs

Arab emir, 11th Century Berber light cavalry, 11th Century Khurasani cavalry, 11th Century North African cavalry, 11th Century    
> Emirs > Berber Light Cavalry > Khurasani cavalry > North-African Cavalry    
Arab heavy infantry, 11th Century Nubian infantry, 11th Century Arab medium infantry, 11th Century Arab light infantry, 11th Century Arab javelinman, 11th Century Arab archer, 11th Century
> Heavy Infantry > Nubian infantry > Medium Infantry > Light Infantry > Javelins > North-African Archers

The Lombards

Lombard noble, 11th Century Lombard knight, 11th Century Lombard knight, 11th Century Lombard dog, 11th Century Wild boar  
> Nobles > Knights 1 > Knights 2 > Dogs > Wild Boars  
Lombard medium infantry, 11th Century Neapolitan medium infantry, 11th Century Lombard light infantry, 11th Century Lombard light infantry, 11th Century Lombard archers, 11th Century Lombard slinger, 11th Century
> Medium Infantry > Medium Infantry > Light Infantry > Light Infantry > Archers > Slingers
Lombard nun Lombard peasant woman Lombard lady Lombard shepard, 11th Century Sheep  
> Nun > Peasant > Lady > Shepherd > Sheep  

The Germans


The Slavs

German ministerialis knight, 11th Century Swabian knight, 11th Century Swabian knight, 11th Century Croatian mercenary, 11th Century Serbian mercenary, 11th Century  
> Ministerialis > Swabian foot knight > Swabian foot knight > Croatian mercenary > Serbian mercenary  

The Maps

The game includes 6 maps : 2 full size maps, plus 4 junction maps to add more tactical situations (island, river side, etc.). The Eagle Nest maps displays a Byzantine tower protected by a wooden palisade and located on a rock overlooking the nearby coast. The Lagoon map displays a marshy area by the sea. All 4 junction maps can be used as substitutes to the now defunct Cape maps of Vikings.

> The Eagle Nest

> A2 (60 x 40 cm)

The Reef 1

> The Reef 2



> The Lagoon

> A2 (60 x 40 cm)

The Jetty

> The Staircase



The Overlays

The game includes 3 sheets of overlays: The first one displays a Lombard farm with its attached barn overlooking the bailey. The second one shows a Byzantine Chapel and elements of a military camp. The third one is a terrain which hides the castle to transform the Eagle Nest map into a simple terrain map.

> The Lombard Farm

> The Byzantine Chapel

> The Overlook

Below are several examples of map assemblies:

Example of map assembly for Guiscard
> The Eagle Nest with the Overlook overlay

Example of map assembly for Guiscard
Example of map assembly for Guiscard Example of map assembly for Guiscard
Example of map assembly for Guiscard Example of map assembly for Guiscard
Example of map assembly for Guiscard Example of map assembly for Guiscard
Example of map assembly for Guiscard  

The Rules

Compared with the original game, the GUISCARD rules bring 2 major changes: 
> The fire sequence is now broken down in 2 phases: Assessment of the impact hex and casualties);
> Combat is resolved as the difference between the Attack and Defense potentials to enable one-to-one combat, which was impossible before.
Play sheets:  JPEG
> Terrain Sheet - 873 Kb
> Fire and Combat Sheet - 1,041 Kb
> Siege Record Sheet - 1,500 kB
Rulebook PDF
> Rulebook v1.1 - 3,525 Kb
Historical Background & Scenarios PDF
> History & Scenarios v1.1 - 4,438 Kb
Scenario Balancing Utility:
This Excel tool will help you build balanced scenarios using the Purchase Table included in the Scenario booklet. All the characteristics of the various Guiscard characters are also included in various tabs. 
ZIP (Excel)
> Scenario Balancing Utility - 38 Kb

Vassal (on-line game)

This tactical module includes all the counters, overlays and maps of  the game (as well as those of DIEX AÏE). Additional maps were added to let you play all the scenarios included with these 2 games.

The user interface boasts several neat functions, like the ability to move a belfry (overlay) with characters on it as one single piece, or manage several levels (a character under a hoarding for instance). 

To play this module, you must first download and install the Java software as well as the Vassal engine.
> Norman Saga Tactical Module v2.0 - 43.2 Mb
   Sep 29, 2015