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The Game


DIEX AE ("God helps" in Latin, the warcry of the Duke of Normandy) is set in England just after the battle of Hastings in the second half of the 11th Century. It depicts the numerous fights that Saxons fought to resist the "Norman Yoke". DIEX AE introduces a campaign game: It is used to generate tactical scenarios which are played on the standard maps of the series.

DIEX AE is the first companion game to the popular GUISCARD game. Like this one, DIEX AE is a complete boxed game with counters, maps, rules, scenarios and playsheets.

Box Contents:

> (3) full-color tactical maps, giving a possibility of many different terrains;
> (2) sheets of overlays with Saxon buildings;
> (1) A3 sheet of tactical counters printed in full color;
(2) full-color A3 campaign maps ;
> (2) A5 sheets of strategic counters;
> (1) 40-page rule booklet;
> (1) 36-page booklet including the historical background, a guide to the
    playing pieces and both strategic and tactical scenarios;
(6) play sheets for handy reference;
> (1) 10-sided die.

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The Characters

The 3 playable factions are displayed through counters using the Outremer/Croisades format. A 3-letter marking system will enable easy differentiation of the various playing pieces on the maps. Counters are available on one large-size sheet using the standard Cry Havoc form factor (approx. 30cm x 40cm):
> Diex Ae countersheet (Recto - Verso)

Note: Click on the counters below to see the various stances of each character (wounded, on foot, stun or dead).

The Normans


> Noble 1

> Knights 1

> Knights 2

> Knights 3

> Medium cavalry

> Light

> Noble 2

> Squire

> Medium Infantry 1

> Medium Infantry 2

> Medium Infantry 3

> Archers



> Crossbows

> Light infantry


The Saxons

> Mounted Thanes 1 > Mounted Thanes 2 > Mounted Thanes 3 > Earls 1 > Earls 2 > Huscarls 1
> Huscarls 2 > Thanes 1 > Thanes 2

> Ceorls 1

> Ceorls 2

> Archers

> Javelinmen > Woman

> Peasant 1

> Peasant 2

> Noble  
> Pack Horse > Pack Mule  



The Scots

> Medium cavalry > Light cavalry > Javelinmen > Slingers
> Medium infantry > Light infantry

The Maps

The game includes 3 maps. The Motte & Bailey map displays a wooden tower on top of a motte, overlooking a small bailey with buildings and surrounded by a wooden palisade and moat. The Woodbridge is compatible with The River map and the open space is designed to position buildings to simulate a small village. The Ditch has a marshy bottom and is a challenging obstacle for cavalry to cross.

> The Motte & Bailey

> A2
 (60cm x 40cm)

> The Woodbridge

> A2
 (60cm x 40cm)

> The Ditch

> A2
 (60cm x 40cm)

The Overlays

The Great Saxon Hall

> A4
 (21cm x 30cm)

> The Saxon houses
> A4
 (21cm x 30cm)
Below are a few examples of map combinations:

> Woodbridge with the Great Hall



In this configuration, the Great Hall is located between the motte and the bridge. Other buildings (yet to be designed) will form a small village protected by the castle. On the other side, the ditch provides a good protection to the motte & bailey.

In this one, the bridge is perfectly aligned with the entrance of the bailey. The open space between the river and the ditch is the perfect ground for cavalry charges.
Campaign Counters        
All the campaign counters (as well as numerous tactical markers) are mounted on 2 small A5 sheets (about 20cm x 15cm) :
> Sheet 1 - Sheet 2





> Leaders

> Combat group

> Cavalry group

> Leaders

> Combat group

> Cavalry group



> Leaders

> Combat group

> Cavalry group

> Leaders

> Combat group



  Other Counters    

> Combat group

> Cavalry group


> Supply trains

> Motte


Campaign Maps
Two campaign maps are designed to play several scenarios. These maps use hexes which are the same size as those of the tactical maps.
> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)
> A3
 (40cm x 30cm)

> Yorkshire


> Kent


The Rules

The tactical rules are similar to those of Guiscard, with only a few enhancements and clarifications. The Campaign game uses brand new rules, intended to generate battles which are resolved on the tactical maps.
Rulebook PDF
> Rulebook v1.2 - 3,330 Kb
Play sheets - Tactical game
> Terrain Sheet - 575 Kb
> Fire and Combat Sheet - 616 Kb
> Siege Record Sheet - 955 kB
Play sheets - Campaign game
> Terrain Sheet & Tables - 629 Kb
> Campaign game Worksheet - 482 Kb
> Headcount Worksheet - 481 Kb
Historical Background & Scenarios PDF
> History & Scenarios V1.2 - 5,050 Kb
Scenario Balancing Utility:
This Excel tool will help you build balanced scenarios using the Purchase Table included in the Scenario booklet. All the characteristics of the various DIEX AIE characters are also included in various tabs.
ZIP (Excel)
> Scenario Balancing Utility - 38 Kb

Vassal (on-line game)

> The tactical module includes all the counters, overlays and maps of  the game (as well as those of GUISCARD). Additional maps were added to let you play all the scenarios included with these 2 games.

The user interface boasts several neat functions, like the ability to move a belfry (overlay) with characters on it as one single piece, or manage several levels (a character under a hoarding for instance). 

> The campaign module lets you play with the convenience of being able to stop and resume
the game at any time, hence getting rid of the hassle to keep the boardgame deployed on a table for an extended time between two tactical games. Counter and settlement management is also vastly simplified as a simple right-click let you access all the parameters and edit them at any time during the game. Default values for the settlements are already preset for faster setup time.

To play these modules, you must first download and install the Java software as well as the Vassal engine.
> Norman Saga Tactical Module v2.0 - 43.2 Mb
   Sep 29, 2015
> Diex Ae Campaign Module v1.0 - 3.3 Mb
   Jan 26, 2016